iOS and Android Quraan Telawat

Quraan Telawat is simple application that can help you to listen to 174 deferent recitations and deferent Rewayat like Hafs Aan Asem, Warsh Aan Nafea’ and more.

You can add any Recitation to favorite list just by clicking on the star. Clicking on that Recitation means that you want to add all Quran Sowar for this recitation to favorites list; or you can just add a specific sora to favorites list.

Audio will keep playing in the background if you locked the phone or when you clicked on start button.

You can use iPhone built in functionality to pause or play Quran audio.Audio stream loaded from a famous source called MP3 Quran.

Application iTunes Link:

List of Features in version 1.0:

  • Listening to 143 deferent recitations.
  • Adding Recitations to favorites list
  • Adding a specific Sora to favorites list.
  • Listening to Audio in the background.
  • Streaming audio from MP3 Quran.
  • Seek bar to a specific location and start streaming from that location.
  • Search for specific Recitation in a search box.
  • Grouping Recitations according to the person.
  • Filtering Recitations in favorites list.
  • All Texts and captions in Arabic.

Known Issues:

  • Some bugs related to favorites tab.
  • Seeking stream audio could restart the audio from the beginning (the bug reason is server configuration; so you will see that some of audios are working fine).

Next Release will contains:

  • All Texts and captions will be available in English.
  • Resolving known issues in favorites list which could cause to restart application.
  • Refreshing stars when view navigated from favorites tab to the first tab (occurred only if first tab in sower view).
  • Trying to fix some famous Recitations seeking bar issue. (it will be fixed by moving these Recitations audio files to a cloud server).
  • Ability to download Favorites. (So Favorites list will contains Audio Downloads & Streams).

Important to say:

  • Ads in Application:
    • If you find that Ads contain material contrary to the religion of Islam. please inform me as soon as possible by sending an email to this address.
    • These Ads will help me to improve this application by transfaring some Audio Files to a cloud server.

65 thoughts on “iOS and Android Quraan Telawat

  1. Issues will be released in Version 1.1 (still in development environment) will be released very soon Insha Allah:

    • Delete Item from Fav List (Bug fixed)
    • When App started at the first time; arrows will be rendered over the index letters. (Bug fixed)
    • Back to list of sowar will remove checked stars. (Bug fixed)
    • Filtering Readers then remove it from Fav. List. (Bug fixed, Known Issue)
    • Search for some Rewaia or any description in second line (Enhancement).
    • Star button larger 44×44 instead of 35×35 (Enhancement).
    • Texts are Larger in Readers List 20pt instead of 18pt, And Description in 2nd line is larger also 16pt instead of 14pt. (Enhancement).
    • Makes Delete Section Button larger. (Enhancement).
    • Filter Button in Fav List putted in the right of navigation bar. (Enhancement).

    And Still working to fix more things (if exist).
    Lets start working on english version now … And If you have any suggestion or any point please post it here.

  2. New Version of Quraan Telawat is available now on the app store.
    The application now fully in Arabic & English.

    Please get the new version … And if any problem occurred. please Remove the app. and install the new full version.
    Its Free… 🙂

    • Dear Users,
      The last update will not work you till you remove the application and install it again.
      And I’m Really sorry for that.
      Please still give your da3awat … Kollo Ebn Adam Khatta2 🙂

    • Ihsan Ali says:

      Dear brother iPhone 7 software is been updated by apple and now this application does not work with new iOS update please update it.


    • Rukayya Shaikh says:

      Salaam brother,
      I have deleted and reinstalled the app, but the full Surah does not play. It gets to about 15-20 seconds and then changes to the next Surah. This is happening with all of the Surahs, not just certain ones. I am using this app for my hifdh and would really appreciate if you could fix this bug. Jazakallah Khayr.

      • Salam Alaikum,
        Thank you brother for your comment. Yes I’m aware of this streaming issue.
        I’m planning to solve this issue next month insha Allah.
        What you can do know is to add this sura to favorite then to download it by clicking on “cloud icon”. By doing this, you can listen to sura without any problem inshallah.

    • Salam hussain, All of these telawat taken from and I do not have adedicated server for it.
      If you know any URL for Sh Yassin that contains his recitation please send it for me.

  3. salaams, on some of the reciters the surahs are jumping and not letting me listen to it, so for example i want to listen to Yaseer al Dosari but the surah wont start it jumps it jumps to all the surah how do i fix this , i have deleted from my iphone app , and reinstalled it but the problem is still there , jazakallahkair

    • Wa alaikom alsalam,
      I really appreciate your feedback and i will work on that insha allah.
      Currently I’m working on iPhone 5 fix and i will make sure to include this fix with it.
      Al Salam Alaikom.

    • Wa alaikom alsalam brother, so sorry I did not create an android application.
      But my friend Ahmad Odeh has an application called mp3 Qur’an on android.

  4. Uzma says:

    I am very disappointed in the app. Whenever I try to listen to a long surah like Baqarah or Aale Imran, after 10 minutes it automatically switches to next surah. Please advise. I have tried deleting app and reinstalling and same problem occurs. It’s very upsetting and annoying esp now in Ramadan.

    Thank you.

  5. Some of my brothers are angry because of annoying ads, actually I added these ads for two main reasons,
    1st – imagine if This app is profitable enough to work on this kind of projects! I will be utilized 100% to work on it for my brothers.
    2nd – these audios are not for me, so I should not sell it. So the app is free, but i want to get some $ because of (how I deliver it in a nice way).

    Note: If there is some bad content for any ad please tell me about it to add it to the black list ads.

    I have a surprise for my brothers, a new nice app. maybe later this year.

    And thanks a lot.

  6. Humble Servant says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Brother
    I was just wondering if u could add few other reciters, u could listen to it and c if it is good In Shaa Allah if u are interested let me know.
    BarakAllahu Feek

    • Wa alaikom alsalam wa rahmato Allah, yes please I’m interested, actually I found it’s better not to depend on mp3quran any more because I found a lot of reciter becomes unavailable … So I will create my own cloud storage for quraan files … And in the next version I will be able to add any reciter. Also I will support download in the background.
      Thank you a lot. Alsalamo alaikom

    • Salam alaikom Abu Bakr,
      that note was for an old version and I already fixed it.
      the current issue happening because I’m getting data from and it seems that most of reciters links are broken now in their site. I’m uploading the whole files of another server (azure cloud) to make sure that
      this issue will not happen again

      salam alaikom

  7. Ayesha says:

    Salaam. Can you tell we what’s happening with this app? If you’re going to fix the bugs or whether you no longer are working on it? If you are still under construction with it then I understand but it’s got to the point where I can barely listen to any surah without it changing. With regret I will have delete it if you are no longer fixing the issues.

    • Salam Ayesha, I’m bit busy in these days, and i hope if I have more time to fix all issues. I already did a contract with a developer to fix Android version issues. But I cannot hire both freelancer at the same time. So i will do that once I finished the Android version.

  8. Naif says:

    Salam walikom

    Jazak allah khair brother for that app. I have just noticed in the recitation of Shekh alhudaifi in Surat AlBagrah iah 259 i think there is a mistake in one of the word of his pronanuciation which is ننشزها can you check that please?

  9. Shafiq Buraik says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a problem while listening to Hank Arrifai , soorat al maida.
    After 10 minutes from listening to the soorah, the app will jump to soorat al Anam, so what I did is that I ticked the repeat button, so now it repeats after 10 minutes and then goes an extra 30 minutes and repeat again, till it stops for a reason or another.

    Can you please help in that.

    • Salam Alaikom shafiq,
      As a temp solution, please add the sora to favorite then download it from fav list.
      Starting from December I will start working on set enhancements and fixes for Telawat iOS application. I’ll make sure that all mentioned issues will be solved insha Allah in addition to new extra features like widget on Notification Center and downloading audio in the background.

  10. Anjum Faridi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
    This app has stopped working on my iPhone and the message I am getting is that the developer needs to update it.

    It is really sad how iPhone and others are making things obsolete and forcing both the users of the gadgets and the developers of apps to change things as dictated by them. However, to let people continue benefit from listening Qur’an I’d be grateful if you could look into sorting this issue please.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan


  11. Lamfia Akim says:

    Hi I hope you are well? Could you kindly update this beautiful app compatible with the updated IOS please for Iphone

    I am currently struggling not been able to use it now for a long period of time

    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance

  12. Yousuf Khan says:

    Assalam o alaikum

    Could you please tell when the app will be updated? The present version is incompatible with iOS 11 for iPhone.

    Secondly, many times the long surah doesn’t play properly, disconnect after some time and the new starts. It’s mostly with long surahs.




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