My Experience with Mobile Ads

Salam Dears,

In the last months I was very busy; learnning Objective-C (iOS development). And the fruit comes with a simple application called Quraan Telawat.

You can find the link above in this page.  Anyway, one of the most interesting experience that i’ve got is the Ads.

Dude: what do you mean by Ads?
Me: Its an Advertising space that you reserve it in your application to browse Advertisements.

Dude: Are they advertising on your app? How did they know you?
Me: Actually, they do not know me. There are many known Ads providers in the world like google which have AdSense SDK, and AdFalcon for Noqush company.

Dude: ok, I see. Is it only for phones?
Me: nop, you can use it in your website, iOS apps, Android, and some of them are supporting WP7 also.

                _ _
: {$.$} … And what about the money?
Me: since 5th of November I’ve got around $43 … yeah not that much; but at the end its extra money comes from one app. In addition to the new experience.
I want to share with you this site which created by one of google’s team its called Guide to the App Galaxy

Dude: Interesting, Nice UI!!
Me: Yeah, It will answer all of your questions about monetizing your apps and some guidelines.

One more comment dude, I have till now 4,000 users. but actually not all of them are an active users now. so I found this wonderful tool that you can add it to your app and it will send to you the number of active users at this moment.

Dude: really!!
Its called Google Analytics. And you can download the SDK from here. This SDK is mentioned in that Guide Galaxy portal.

Dude: You said that there are many Ads providers. What should I use?
Me: Actually I found Admob really great.

Dude: Why?

Me: Let me share with you something

This image contains a stats for each day. Number of Impressions, Requests, Fill Rate, ..a

Dude: wait wait. Requests & Impressions … what is the deference?

Me: When a user open the app. … It will request an Ad.  but it could comes with Ad … And if it comes with Ad … Thats an Impression.

Dude: Is there a way to make sure that all requests comes Impressions?
Me: Yeah, AdMob already have this … they are also displaying Ads from AdSense .. And you can also handle this by code. So if there is no impassion display Ad from another provider. But its not the optimal way to solve this problem.

You can use “The mediator approach”… the mediator SDK will do the whole work and jumping between providers till it comes with an impression.

Its called AdWhirl … I did not use it till now but it seems great.

Wishing you a googd luck dude, Good night.
Dude: Good night.