Mohammad Najeeb
Mohammad Najeeb Aljaber
.Net Developer in eSense software in Jordan

Born in Kuwait 22 June, 1983

Very inereseted in .Net, WPF, Silverlight technologies.
I decided to write and share my experience and ideas in these technology.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mehdi Hirani says:

    I can not listen to any Surah or Ayat. I usually listen to Surah Yasin recited by Abu Baker Shatri on daily basis after Fajar Prayer. I don’t know how to read or write Arabic. Since yesterday I have not been able to Surah Yasin. I have no choice but to listen the Surah on CD and I Can not carry CD player with me all the time. Please help me. Yesterday I deleted and downloaded Telawat App 5 times. Also downloaded on my wife’s iPhone and nothing worked.

    • Salam Alaikom, Actually i’m streaming quraan from mp3Quran. And I’m currently working on hosting the quraan files on my own server in the cloud.
      I’m so sorry for that, I will fix that as soon as possible and i will not depend on mp3Quran.

      Thank you for your patience
      Salam Alaikom

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