Elastic Search to the rescue

After spending a lot of money & time trying to optimise SQL queries and hiring DBAs as a freelancers; I took a decision to take a look on Elastic Search and Polr.

Large amount of data like 0.5 Million join with 0.5 Million left join with 0.75 Million, etc.. retrieving data in a second is a dream that will never come true with relational database and data integrity.

In a small companies we are a full stack developers. We are not experts in DB (And we do not want to). We want Entity Framework Code First to handle our database creation and relation. Having a good a knowledge in creating Non clustered indices is a plus (Getting the suggestions form SQL Server Management Studio Execution Plan will be more than enough).

But again, how could we make our search super fast. Yes, the solution was the Elastic search for me. And another library called Hang-fire will notify Elastic search service to reindex some data or to delete it.

Your suggestions and cooperation is appreciated.

My friend Amer Ala’amar added this comment when I shared with him this article.

Nice article, did u try live data cube with sql server analysis service. It will restructure your whole data to be very fast to retrieve. It depends on your business model, because it is a disconnected environment can be updated by configurable period, 5 minutes and so on. So if your data change can be more than this period on a specific type of search, then it is worthy to have a look over it.