The very beginning slow steps in Entrepreneurship

Before three years, I bought a MAC Book, and I start learning objective-c to develop my first iOS app. It took from me 4 months to learn and to publish my first version of a semi application. (before couple of months I learned that they call this step Minimum Viable Product MVP).

I just created it for fun! watching objective-c videos and put my hands on dirt using Xcode.
I just want to resolve my issues and bugs using the art of copy paste form blog posts here and there 😀 and yes it works.

After couple of releases on iOS and before 7 months from now, I found that i’m getting more than 4,000,000 impressions from Admob every month with ~ 150 K of downloads. So I decided to learn Android and to publish a new version of Telawat (Yeah, it’s the name of the app).

I did not like Android development! stateless UI! it works on 4.4  but not on 4.3! …etc.
Anyway, I should find a solution. A lot of bugs have been reported! the first 30 reviews from friends comes with 5 stars 😀 … But things will never continue on this way .. And I found a very talented freelancer. iOS app will handle the expenses + small amount from my salary sometimes. But, Is it worth it! Yes of course. After resolving all bugs I created a Facebook Ads campaign which gives the application a very good jump (Check image below).


Things are moving in slow mode from my side, but I believe that I learned how to accelarate. The time is a very critical factor in entrepreneurship. So here is my advises:

  1. If you believe that you have a good Idea try to implement it by your self as fast as you can even if it’s not a feature complete (Do the MVP).
  2. If you cannot do it by your self, look for a trusted investor to share your Idea with him. Or maybe one of your friends and agree on some percentage.
  3. Social media: Share button in your app, Create Page on Facebook for you app, etc…
  4. with 5 to 10 Dollars bidding every day you can create a Facebook Ad. that will increase the number of users. (e.g. Say I want to advertise in Algeria & Egypt on Android 4.0 and above whom interested in these specific keywords).
  5. Feedback form users is important. I already implemented set of ideas based on users feedback.
  6. Finally, the most important one: Do not listen to the Discouragers … Believe me I heard from people: Ahh! Old Idea! ….. I want to say: “No need to create a market dude!” .. just add some extra value to an existing Idea and go.

Wish you luck dears ….. Peace 😀