Geeks are linking Dots

All of us saw how Modern browser applications moving fast in a crazy way! A lot of developers (spectially Silverlight one) was really scared (like me) to learn Javascript because its super Dynamic, there is no IDE that support it very well. Anyway, that was in the past.

A lot of Silverlight devs moved to another technologies, but you can touch that they moved with their Silverlight skills and knowledge to Javascript world like John Papa (he has a great courses in Pluralight!).

I just talked about fast moving of web world … Pluralsight helped me a lot to learn faster, So lately, I started with Building Data-Centric Single Page Apps with Breeze course. Its amazing! Again,  You can touch how Brian Noyes used his WCF RIA knowledge in another technology. I already read his small useful book in WCF RIA services

And here is another Geek who moved to another world with his skills and knowledge

be optimistic 🙂 like them and keep learning