Dev-igner On Blend4

I just finished my preparation for the session.

Why Dev-igner? For me, I see Blend as a tool that helps developers & Designers (Maybe the proper name is frontend Developers) … anyway, I’m sure that WPF, Silverlight is rarely used in Jordan; Because of:

1. Learning Curve; and as always I hear & I say: There is no time; so the small biz companies prefer to stick with Win Forms.

2. More Effort will be consumed to add WOOW effect to the application.

3. And Who Should Learn Blend? Developers? But they Love Visual Studio and they prefer to stay with it. Designers?! Same thing, they prefer illustrator & Photoshop.

I agree with you both guys? But I’m sure that you did consume any moment to know that Blend is a great tool.

It’s easier to bind targets with source, Styling & templating, XAMLing things, also you can Import your .AI, .PSD, and FXG files, and more.

If we say that Dev. should work on Blend; then he will do a catastrophe. (Thanks to their ugly taste).

And the Designer cannot do the whole Blendy things a lone also.

Finally, I face such situation and I played the 2-Face character in batman (the ugly side is the dev part); XAMLing things with VS 2008 is a really Shit. Things are better with VS 2010 but not so much.
I forced to learn it and now I do not regret.

BLEND is the Best… I can imagine if Microsoft create such a tool for HTML5… I cannot wait for that moment.

Hoping you to enjoy my session:

The Event will be at 15 June 2011 in Sumayah University.

JorDev will keeps you updated insha Allah.



3 thoughts on “Dev-igner On Blend4

  1. The first session on WPF was great I wish I was in Jordan to attend this one too. I come from a graphic design background so I believe I’d do good with WPF, but the question is: can we afford to spend some time learning it? Maybe if we had to, like it was required for a new project or something … I don’t know, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Best of luck and have a great session buddie 🙂

    • Salam 3alaikom Edrees,
      I’m really missing you.
      Learnning WPF is not hard. Its all about some new APIs in C#.
      I’m sure that Learnning Expression Blend can help you so much. Bcz Its something like Flash with some additional things related to Silverlight & WPF. I’ll try to record or streaming the session.
      Do not forget to call me when you arrive Amman.
      Salamo 3alaikom.

  2. Wa alikom al salam bu njeeb,

    Yeah that would be great if you guys could record it or stream it, let me know if you do. Surely will call you when I come back insha’ Allah 🙂

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