UI + Data Virtualization

I read a lot of articles talked about Virtualization and Memory leaks in WPF.
Fortunately, a lot of WPF gurus talked about these issues before.

Actually, my sample is combination of two articles.
The first one is talking about Data Virtualization on codeproject and the other one talking about amazing Virtualization tile panel.

The last one is really helpful to learn how to create custom panels.

I created the sample and I decided to walk with all points which mentioned in “WPF Performance and .NET Framework Client Profile” article.

I tracked all leaks happens in the app. using ANTS Memory Profiler 6.0 … it’s a great tool.

Actually, one problem occurred with me and till now I did not find a solution for it. You can read it from this thread.

The nice thing that I prevent memory going up to hundreds of megabytes. Thank you Marko Vermeer and thank you too Daron for your help.

You can download the sample from this link.